QB ‘Appy Hour Exploring Internet Security with Cloud Applications

Oct 19, 2018 | Drink, Episodes, Featured App

Stay Safe! I’m sure most of us heard this phrase as a kid! During the October QB ‘Appy Hour show Liz Scott and Heather Satterley explored apps to keep your client’s safe. Being safe doesn’t have to be hard just choose the right tools for the job.

As accountants and bookkeepers our primary focus is on client deliverables; closed books, monthly financials & tax returns. But even passing a bank statement through email is a security risk. During the show we started with understanding encryption, to gain a basic knowledge of what it means to truly stay safe while on the web.

Safety First! This is another childhood familiar my mother would shout at me. Now as an adult, I must be the one to enforce best practices. Thankfully, keeping our client data safe isn’t as embarrassing as mom running after my bike with a helmet. Now, we have a plethora of apps to protect us and our clients including VPNs.

What’s in your file cabinet? I am proud to say, for years, we have used SmartVault in our firm for secure file storage. Not only do we have more floor space, but we also have peace of mind!!! As bookkeepers and accountants, we must address where client data is kept.

I was thrilled SmartVault joined us as our Drink Sponsor and let me share why. If only one bookkeeper or accountant is converted to a SmartVault user, then not only is the individual safer but so too is every client they serve, which can be hundreds!

SmartVault is more than safety it’s also convenient, let me share ways our firm has benefited

  1. We can access files from anywhere
  2. Transferring files to clients including tax returns
  3. It’s super easy to create a new client folder with a predetermined file structure
  4. Each folder has user permission so you safeguard client data by limiting access within your firm
  5. Partner apps QuickBooks, Hubdoc, Tallie, Salesforce, Areo & even your ScanSnap can be configured to use with SmartVault

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