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QB ‘Appy Hour “Methods for Job Costing Using QBO and Knowify”

Feb 15, 2019 | Drink, Episodes, Featured App

In order to determine job profitability, you must first understand the job cost. There are a few ways to capture these details. During our February 2019 episode of QB ‘Appy Hour we explored two methods of job costing, one using QBO projects and the other using Knowify.

In both methods tracking of income and expenses is key in order to get meaningful reports.

QBO Job Costing expert, MB Raimondi was our special guest and demonstrated the workflow using QBO Projects. 

She walked us through her robust guide and covered:

  1. Job costing setup
  2. Tracking projected jobs
  3. Tracking costs
  4. Tracking direct labor
  5. Invoicing
  6. Reports

There are several methods to job costing. Another option is using an industry specific app. 

Knowify demonstrated their approach to job costing. Terrin Kalian, the head of customer success joined us by walking us through the Knowify approach to project management. One of the key benefits of going with an app such as Knowify is – work is done in the app, which keeps the QuickBooks file clean. Their lean and clean method of staying organized is awesome.

Have you ever wondered, who are the best fit for Knowify?

  1. Remodelers
  2. Electricians
  3. Painters
  4. Plumbers
  5. Landscapers
  6. HVAC
  7. and other trade workers

To learn more about this episode follow the link to watch or go to the QB ‘Appy Hour Bar Book to direct resources for Knowify be sure to use the discount code: screwdriver when signing up for Knowify.