Where Are They Now? The 18 $100K App Showdown Finalists

Mar 15, 2019 | App Showdown, Conferences

Time to catch up!

At QuickBooks Connect 2018 QB ‘Appy Hour was delighted to charge up the crowd as the Openers for the $100K App Showdown! But where are they now? A lot can change quickly when you have support and the willingness to adapt.

Discovering the amazing transformation which has taken place since the App Showdown was a real treat for both of us!


$100K is Big Money!

The winner of the App Showdown was G1VE and they were awarded $100,000! Each of the finalists had amazing Apps and due to the time, we spent learning about their Apps we all became great friends! Which of course meant QB ‘Appy Hour was cheering for them all!

The One and ONLY Annie Terry

 Annie Terry is the Senior Program Manager. She helps drive early App success on the Intuit Developer Platform and leads the $100K App Showdown annual event. This event was created to help support App developers in their creation of apps for QuickBooks. Not only is there a cash award of $100K but the finalist also gains a support team to ensure app success throughout the year.

The 18 App Showdown Finalists who joined us were: G1VE, Chata.ai, SnapDsk, Chaser, Flowless and PayPie.

As part of the success program for the App Finalist, QB ‘Appy Hour was honored to have them on the show again to see what they are up to now. To our delight, many of our app buddies have taken the feedback from the ProAdvisors very seriously. By listening to the feedback, they have built in new features and fine-tuned their offerings.

QB ‘Appy Hour’s mission is to: Help ProAdvisor’s feel competent and confident to utilize technology in their own practice. Being part of a growing group of Accounting Technologist we need to explore and adapt to the growing need for technology usage in small businesses. By using Apps small businesses have the same advantages as the big businesses do.

Many of these Apps have upcoming webinars and will be joining us at our favorite accounting conferences. Be sure to stop by and say hi to them!

Here’s a link to the 18 App Showdown Live Event!