Common Issues Facing Not-for-Profit Companies with Sponsor Kindful

Apr 10, 2019 | Drink, Episodes

Whether you work with nonprofits often or not understanding common issues and solutions can help prepare you for the conversation.

This month on the QB ‘Appy Hour we explored Data Security, Fraud, Revenue Generation and Donor Management which are all key elements for Not-for-Profits.

Data Security

Data breaches are costly for everyone involved. As the advisor to our clients, we should from time-to-time verify that our clients are following good practices for data security. Costs are particularly important to nonprofits and often they avoid extra fees and cut corners. It’s critical to have good processes to protect donor information as well as the organization’s data.

Great Software at a Discount

To keep costs down it’s good to look at options that not-for-profits have on deep discounts for apps. One place to check is They offer many well-known apps and software at a discount. For example, one opportunity to save big is QuickBooks Desktop software offered at $50.00 for nonprofits!

Revenue Generation & Donor Management

Staying connected to donors is important for nonprofits. By utilizing apps nonprofits are better prepared for growth by maintaining better communication with donors. Storing donor information, tracking champions, fundraising platforms and reporting is a pain. Kindful joined us on the QB ‘Appy Hour to share how better processes can help you manage the chaos.

Managing Your Donors Is Easier Than Ever

Kindful helps Not-for-Profits optimize the donor lifecycle. During the episode, they explained how their software helps create a solution for all the segregated systems. By connecting your apps to Kindful you create one hub for all your data, resulting in more acquisitions, retention, and upgrades as you deepen your relationships with donors.

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