Rethinking Bookkeeping Automation with Sponsor: AutoEntry

May 23, 2019 | Uncategorized

Think Beyond Recording Transactions

Working hard to get nowhere? There is a bit of app overload in our community. Considering every app in the QuickBooks ecosystem might leave you feeling exhausted. Before you throw in the towel and walk away, let’s rethink what we are doing in our industry with apps.

Stop to Rethink? 

Just a few years ago, accountants might have had a handful of clients using apps. But now the market is full of ?time-saving apps. The real question is, did we really save time? Learning, button pushing, mapping, configuring and maintenance all require time. To solve all the needs of one client might truly take 10 apps. What if there was a better way?

Heather and I pondered our own firm’s needs and stopped to consider alternatives. Two possibilities are connector apps and selecting apps which do more than one function reducing the apps required for each client. 

App Workflow

What if you didn’t need to push the button? What if you used connector apps to get your existing apps to work for you? Apps like IFTTT (If This Then That), Zapier, Microsoft Flow, Webmerge and Process St sync the apps in a logical order creating an app workflow. 

While I use connector apps for e-commerce clients, Heather uses connector apps for a wide range of duties. She is an expert at Zapier, traveling the country teaching others how to automate processes by utilizing Zapier to integrate web applications. Recently, she was part of a team which won a Zapier contest within our accounting community. 

Technology Engineers

Our industry is evolving. We are no longer just accountants. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have opened the door to a whole new realm of possibilities. As accountants, we are naturally great at process design. We are analytical, logical and efficient. We can use these skills to look at apps as a tool to automate the entire process, not just the accounting.

Unique Opportunity

We are standing in the middle of an industry transformation. We can embrace the change by seizing this opportunity and remain relevant. 

A Simpler Way

What if instead of using connector apps, we found apps which solve more than one purpose? As we become app overwhelmed our app partners have started responding by doing more than one task. QB ‘Appy Hour invited AutoEntry to demonstrate how they have grasped this change and solve for a multitude of client needs.

what makes autoentry special the qb appy hour


AutoEntry has evolved by adapting to industry needs by expanding its functionality. AutoEntry is a solution for document captures such as receipt management, line item tracking, vendor statement collection and fetching for both bank and vendor statements.

Using AutoEntry you can fetch a bank statement, convert it to QBO and import the statement into bank feeds. Using the same app, you can also snap images of receipts and import the images into the accounting platform. By using the same app for a multitude of purposes the number of required apps is reduced.

Apps like AutoEntry have realized if they expand their offerings, they become more valuable to those they serve by diminishing app fatigue.


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