Niche Spotlight: Lynda Artesani Talks Law Firms with Sponsor LeanLaw

Jul 18, 2019 | Uncategorized

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If you have law firm clients or want to then you definitely want to check out Lynda’s tips along with LeanLaw.

And, if you like me and want to stay current on the apps and tools available in the market then you don’t want to miss out on this update.

You can find the link to the recording of our show with LeanLaw listed at the bottom of this article.

ONE Big Change in Law Firms

We know as accountants, technology changes are happening rapidly. Law firms are facing the same changes since they are also knowledge-based work. Real-time reporting and transparency are critical for law firms and until recently I had not found a solution I was satisfied with. But jeez did that change after several LeanLaw demos.

Surpassed my Expectations

In fact, LeanLaw knocked my socks off! They have exceeded a lot of apps in the QuickBooks ecosystems with one the tightest integration I have seen yet. Their ability to have a complete and complex two-way sync means all users are able to use either LeanLaw or QBO to perform work duties.

The total transparency means users have robust reports with complex matrix to see all client matters and how each lawyer is performing.

Niche Spotlight with Lynda Artesani

On this special episode of QB ‘Appy Hour we had our first ever niche spotlight with Lynda Artesani. She is an outstanding presenter and we enjoyed questioning her about her experience with law firms.

Lynda shared her workflow challenges facing law firms including; client retainer accounts, billable time and expenses and reporting. After using QBO alone and several law firms apps, she has embraced LeanLaw as her go-to for law firm bookkeeping.

Lynda shared the transformation her firm has seen by selecting a niche. She has been able to set herself apart from competitors, streamlined workflow and increased profitability. By learning industry lingo, you also gain client trust.



If you are like Lynda and want to pick law firms as an area to niche LeanLaw is a great place to start learning. They have taken a unique approach by directly marketing to and connecting with ProAdvisors. They believe if the accountants and bookkeepers understand LeanLaw then they can transcend both their own practices as well as the lawyers they interact with.


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