ADP Accountant Connect Deep Dive

Jun 17, 2020 | News

During this episode with ADP, Heather and I talked about ADP Accountant Connect and how to use it. This powerful cloud-based solution allows accountants to quickly run tax forms in batches, have access to the HR resources and documents, company benchmarking, and more. One of my favorite features is the ability to standardize, customize, and automate reports all within the Accountant Connect portal.

What is Accountant Connect ?

A free Cloud-Based platform with easy access to your ADP Clients’ books. With the ability to generate batches of reports and tax forms for several RUN clients, easy to use the platform, access to tax forms, reference guides, and payroll calculators.

Our special guest is an ADP guru and joined us to share his favorite features and give tips for using ADP Accountant Connect.

Co-founder and CTO of Parkway Business Solutions, Mathew Fulton,
Mathew Fulton, Co-Founder, and CTO of Parkway Business Solutions has pursued his interest in technology to help Bookkeepers and Accountants with time-saving platforms made for the everyday small business owner. His company Parkway Business Solutions, uses the newest cloud technology to aid company owners with financial needs and apps for unique company issues.

How to Find the Best Payroll Option for your Client

When working with several different clients with several different needs it’s ideal to have most of the seven features above including a versatile and flexible payroll solution. Along with automatic synchronization having a platform that is visible and allows you to easily access details to keep you on board with what’s happening. Having both accurate and onboard access to your clients’ books is also a must when working with deadlines.

ADP Reporting Options

  • Standardization- creating your method and standardizing it across the board for all your clients
  • Customization- everyone has their own way to do things so you want the ability to create your reports EXACTLY how you want them
  • Automation- no more running reports or human error, automating syncing

Steps to Get Your Clients to the Top of Their Game

  1. Checklist for returning to work and Estimators on loan forgiveness
  2. Letter Templates for clients and Tax Resources for COVID-19
  3. A full range of reporting templates including a PPP reporting section and monthly PPP payroll costs
  4. Access to benchmarking including current employee compensation based on industry and location
  5. ADP Marketplace with connected apps to better enhance your business

ADP Connect helps accountants manage their clients’ payroll and business needs.

By using ADP Connect you are using an app that encourages and has room for growth, To learn more about how to get it, follow this link:


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