Automating Your Client Onboarding

Jun 17, 2020 | News

During this month’s episode, we took a deep dive into why you should automate your client onboarding. So, what is Client Onboarding? This is the necessary information you need from your client before you begin working with them. Having an automated platform for your client to give their information saves you buckets of time and is less stressful on both ends.

On this special edition of ‘Appy Hour, we had a power panel of three accountants, one of which was our very own Heather Satterley plus Brain Claire and Josh Lance, who shared their firm’s experiences and tech stack for automating clients onboarding.


Josh Lance, Founder and CPA of Lance CPA Group as well as the Head of Accounting at Practice Ignition. His company Lance CPA Group works with small business owners and entrepreneurs to advance and manage their careers. Practice Ignition saves you time and stress by giving your client a proposal that they can look over, sign, and pay you all at once.



Brain Clare is the CPA and CEO of Blueprint Accounting Inc, located in Ottawa, Canada, their team of technologically advanced accountants provides you with your own personal team of accountant specialists and CPAs to ensure your financial data is exact, complete and always up-to-date!




As CPA and Founder of her company Satterley Training & Consulting along with Co-Founder and CEO of Backoffice Ally, Heather Satterley is a skilled accountant, expertise in technology, and overall problem solver. Her company Satterley Training aids accountants and small business owners to reach their goals through training, coaching, and consulting!


Josh, takes the time to personally get to know and pick the best tools for each client’s issues, onboarding a new client is a task that takes work and trust from both ends. Much like the other power panelist, Josh utilizes a wide verity of apps to streamline his practice for the best client and firm experience possible.

Brian shared his client onboarding process which includes Practice Ignition, Zapier, Slack, ActiveCampaign, and Sharefile. Brian has a deep knowledge of Zapier, and he has created a hugely impressive automated onboarding system!

If you have not yet incorporated templated emails, then you’re missing out! After Heather gathers all the necessary client info, she can now easily set them up in QuickBooks and Practice Ignition, Zapier then decides the best approach based on their history in QuickBooks. She now manually pulls up her client’s info where Practice Ignition can sync to Karbon to create a client contact.

All three accountants use Practice Ignition in their tech stacks. My favorite saying is “if the smart people are doing it, why rethink it”.

Practice Ignition client engagement templates are easy to use and customize, they also address the need to integrate with other apps including Zapier creating a truly automated workflow. To learn more about customizing your client onboarding check out this episode’s recording or reach out to Practice Ignition for a free demo!

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