Explore Sales Tax Nexus for eCommerce Businesses with Webgility

Jul 14, 2020 | Featured App

Explore Sales Tax Nexus for eCommerce Businesses

With our current state of being stuck inside our homes, this Month’s episode took a face-first dive into issues that can be easily fixed with a technological workflow. With a growing number of companies who want to move their sales platform online, its key to make that transition as seamlessly as possible.

Webgility understands that taking a business that has been smoothly running for 20+ years and introducing an entirely new way of promotion, customer engagements, restocking, and several more changes can be challenging. With our world’s current pandemic moving online is necessary for that business to see 20 more years of service. So along with doing their best to make the change for you, your employees, and your company less stressful, they also understand how important it is to make sure all those pieces of your business make it successfully to the online world.

To help explain how Webgility is changing manual tasks into clean automation was Webgility’s Senior Project Manager, Colin Cates.


eCommerce Sales Tax

Since the Wayfair Supreme Court decision, the sales tax landscape changed. Now online retailers must remit sales tax in the state where they sell. With over 12,000+ taxing jurisdictions keeping track of each state’s sales revenue and/or volume threshold can be difficult to manage.


Webgilty + eCommerce Sales Tax

Using your client Point of Sales solution, Webgility synced the data to the correct tax liability items in QuickBooks. Webgility has a guarantee that the amount collected is the amount booked in QuickBooks.

Webgility also knows how tricky and complicated sales tax rules can be. With constant changes to the rule book, and more than 12,000 tax jurisdictions, in the US alone, that go by their own rules based on the state, the season, and the product being sold, sales tax can quickly turn into a nightmare. If you’re still manually entering your data, you should first know all the types of human errors lurking around the desktop and the headache that comes before, during, and after. Alleviate yourself from the problem, misprints, and tedious tasks by switching to automation.


Meet the Webgility Team

Along with having a skilled and eager team, Webgility also takes pride in saving bookkeepers time, automating sales taxes, growing margins, and ridding your company of inventory errors.


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