Apps to Watch in 2021

Dec 23, 2020 | Featured App

This year has been full of technology improvements. With a wide range of necessary technology for remote working, we have seen an industry boom with technology. Some of the apps that have caught our attention we’d like to share with you today. These are apps that are both for accounting and your back office.

Let’s start by taking a look at the top accounting app that caught our attention.


AutoReview performs a financial review of QuickBooks Online data. Autoreview can look for misclassified transactions, duplicate transactions, new vendors, and customers and provide alerts. It also sends alerts for newly created GL accounts. It looks for negative balances in unapplied payments and amount inconsistencies when our clients buy an item that should be categorized as an asset instead of an expense. It even looks for transactions posted to the parent account instead of the preferred client account.

One note is at this time: AutoReview is not listed on QuickBooks’s preferred list. I imagine they are working towards that credential.



Earth Class Mail allows you to access all your postal mail online. Play digitalize your mail to a virtual inbox by opening your mail and scanning the documents. There is a stored PDF of your documents, which can be easily imported into other storage platforms. With your virtual mailbox, you can access your Postal Mail from anywhere. My favorite feature is it will scan and digitize your deposits and send them directly to your bank, creating an entirely automated, hands-off AR process. Earth Class Mail is also HIPAA-certified technicians; each of the PDFs is high resolution. There are several existing integrations for further automation options.



Suitedash is an all-in-one business software. Suitedash has a complete list of functionalities, which includes secure client portals, advanced file exchange, CRM/client management, custom client onboarding, appointment scheduling, project management, time tracking, cloud-based proposals, estimates and invoices, contracts with e-signing ability, custom embeddable forms, email, and drip marketing, plus real-time chat.

Suitedash is software with a ton of features that are all customizable to fit your firm’s needs. is an easy way to share screenshots and images. There is no need to name, save, store, and digitize images using the snip board’s browser version. Instead, the snip board saves the captured screenshot to their dashboard with an available URL code for sharing.
 is a project mana management software designed to run a collaborated team.  Inside the platform, you can plan and assign groups with Associated tasks along with the person in charge of the task. Timelines and links can be added directly to to create an easy-to-use collaborated platform for task management.



Practice Protect is a cybersecurity solution for accounting firms as one audience member of happy hour named it a bubble proofing your accounting firm to create a secure workplace. Practice Protect has a password portal, audit trail, suspicious activity alerts, and international support.


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