Elevate Your Firm With Advisory Services From Fathom

Jan 19, 2021 | Featured App

Fathom is a comprehensive financial intelligence, analysis, and reporting platform that allows you to provide meaningful insights to your clients and build trusting, long lasting advisory relationships. Our platform is also uniquely designed to make your advisory services profitable by saving you time, offering scalability, and providing best-in-class design.

Take out a free trial of Fathom today to understand why over 40,000 customers have chosen us as their business intelligence solution.
Start by connecting your client files to Fathom. Fathom integrates seamlessly with online and desktop versions of Quickbooks. Quickbooks Online Advanced subscribers will have access to Fathom for their company’s books free of charge.
From there, we’ll bring your client’s data to life.



Fathom provides access to over 50 pre-built KPIs to paint a more complete picture of your clients’ performance, and save time on monthly number crunching. KPIs are a great way to customize Fathom for your client’s specific and unique business.

Fathom provides a dashboard of visual analysis tools, built to help you communicate your clients’ results in a new, more engaging and illustrative way. Our unique analysis tools give you visual tools to drive home key points throughout your client conversations and engage with clients around their performance and goals. You can also grant client access to these tools, so that they are empowered to check out their performance updates between their meetings with you.


Our reporting features allow you to quickly generate stunning reports from scratch or from our predefined templates. To save time and make reporting scalable, Fathom allows you to save your reports as templates, share templates across all of your clients in Fathom, and even schedule automated report generation on the cadence that best suits you and your clients. Our beautiful design will set your client deliverables apart from your competitors, helping make you the obvious choice for prospective clients.



Fathom also covers your consolidation needs – allowing you to group related companies together to create consolidated reports in multiple formats.

With unlimited users on each account, your team can collaborate in Fathom, and client engagement can continue far beyond the monthly meeting.

Fathom is proud to provide beautiful business intelligence to tens of thousands of customers all over the world and has received 100+ five-star reviews on the Quickbooks app store  – and we’re not stopping there! We’ve been hard at work building our newest feature – fully integrated three-way cash flow forecasting. Forecasting offers a true three-way cash flow forecast with scenario analysis and the ability to use drivers and formulas. We are thrilled to add a new dimension to your advisory toolkit with forecasting.

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