The Power Of CRM

Feb 11, 2021 | News

For those of us who are not familiar with the acronym, CRM means Customer Relationship Management

2020 was a big wake-up call on how we relate and communicate with our clients in this virtual world. Onboarding new clients can be demanding without a suitable method for CRM.

Nelson, Director of Sales and Professional Services, was able to join us as well as Eilis, the Content Marketing Manager, as we dove into how Method: CRM can help make customer relations easier to manage.

This is the season where many people reach out looking for accounting services through many various platforms. Whether they are through emails or phone calls, and even social media, it is exceedingly challenging to juggle all the leads if you do not have a good platform/process by which you can manage them. So, how much money are you leaving on the table when not responding promptly? Do your leads get buried in emails or voicemails?



If this is something you struggle with, Method: CRM might be what you have been seeking.  It offers a greater way to manage leads as they come in by offering a shareable platform throughout your team. This enables you to provide a cohesive message to that potential lead and keeps you from “dropping the ball.” It will also help you weed out those leads that may be a waste of time or fit your business mold.  

The biggest problem seems to be not having everything in ONE place. Method’s platform is genuinely centralized with even integrations to QuickBooks, Gmail, and many more platforms. You can go through history, transactions, and information on that client just by viewing the email so that you aren’t wasting time shifting through many various platforms to see what you quoted them last! 



Method: CRM is not only good for Accounting firms but is universal in that what it offers can be beneficial to any company that needs help managing customer relationships.

For more information on how Method: CRM works, please watch our latest episode here as we show Method: CRM in action through everyday circumstances.

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