Simplify and Automate Sales Tax

Mar 31, 2021 | Featured App

Sales tax can be a headache to calculate especially considering all the things you have to take into consideration when doing so, such as the location, item, legislative changes, regulations, and more. AvaTax is an innovative, cloud-based sales tax calculation product that does the heavy lifting for you by simplifying and automating sales tax.

Benefits of tax calculation with AvaTax

  • Reliable research – Avalara’s team of compliance research experts located across the globe and their AI updates help to ensure you have the right data that allows you to be confident about tax compliance. 
  • Only pay for what you need – Products and solutions tailored to your tax type and industry mean you don’t pay for things you don’t use.
  • Uptime when it matters –  Enjoy reliable data delivery when you need it most, even at peak capacity. During 2019 Cyber Monday, Avalara had no downtime or drop in performance despite a 298% increase in calls.
  • Advanced transaction rules – Customize your product for bundles, multiproduct orders, and sales in different locations.
  • Address validation – Geospatial targeting means more accurate sales tax rates and shipping addresses for all your customers.
  • Integrated for omnichannel use – More than 1,000 signed partner integrations ensure your solution works with multiple systems across departments so all your teams have access to up-to-date information.
  • Cloud-based services – Bring tax compliance to you and your workforce, wherever you are.
  • Profiles for multiple businesses – Manage sales tax for all your businesses from the same instance of AvaTax, our cloud-based calculation product.

Our comprehensive database is automatically updated and information is sent to your system in real time. See how AvaTax helps your business stay in compliance with up-to-date data for a greater degree of accuracy.

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