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May 7, 2021 | News

Melio offers many ways for you to do complicated tasks, easily. It was a pleasure speaking with Melio on our latest episode as they explained how “QuickBooks Bill Pay, powered by Melio”, can help many companies and businesses pay their vendors and contractors.

We were honored to have David Leary, Director of Accounting and Bookkeeping Evangelism for Melio, join us to discuss how you can use Melio with QuickBooks to make things simpler for you, your clients, your employees, and your business. 


It is hard to find reliable A/P solutions, much less one that costs you nothing! Thanks to Melio, you can choose from many different workflow options that fit your A/P needs. 

Here are a few options:


The first option is Melio Green which is usually for clients who like to schedule their own bills. Then we have Melio Purple which adds that extra level of automation to the bill approval process and allows the firms to easily schedule payment and send off for the clients to approve. Once approved the payment will be sent to the vendor. Lastly, you can add an app to capture your receipts such as Dext. Here you can add different rules to get that extra layer of detail to code your bills automatically. When you use Melio payments it documents every step of the process. Whichever workflow you choose will be easy and time saving for you and your clients or employees.

Here are some extra ways you can supercharge your Melio workflow!



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