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Map Your Scaling New Heights Journey With Woodard

Sep 25, 2021 | News

On this episode of ‘Appy Hour, we were joined by CEO of Woodard, Joe Woodard, who has dedicated his career in accounting to training over 150,000 accounting professionals in areas of small business coaching, practice development and technology trends. Joe Woodard shared with us about the Scaling New Heights conference and how he has made it his mission to empower accounting professionals and small business advisors to transform their entities through education, coaching, professional resources, and community engagement.

The theme of this conference is a great reminder for us that we ARE unstoppable! The Scaling New Heights conference (2021) was created to equip you in modernizing your practice and assist with the standardization of all your accounting processes. If you are an accounting professional, the Woodard Scaling New Heights event is for you!

Take a look at the Woodard Scaling New Heights course schedule and be sure to register here.

During our episode, Joe expounded on his “Unstoppable Practice,” and what an “Unstoppable Professional” looks like, It’s safe to say the theme of this episode was making the impossible, possible through these accounting professional development processes.

There is a three(3) step process for building your Unstoppable Strategy. The personal focus being:

  1. The first step is to: Pick your area of focus
  2. Secondly: Choose courses in alignment
  3. Finally: Exhibit hall priorities

With this 3-step process, you’re sure to become an unstoppable professional, as you implement these practice techniques. This episode taught us all we need to know about becoming the best version(s) of our accounting-minded selves through the implementation of these steps. Be sure to watch this episode in full for more information.

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