Get Excited! Liscio and SmartVault are Now Integrated

Oct 5, 2021 | News

On this week’s episode of ‘Appy Hour, we explored the latest Liscio and SmartVault Integration. For us over here in the accounting world, this integration is super exciting news!

We were delighted to sit down with Chris Farrell, CPA & CEO at Liscio, and Daniel Fritz, Director of Products at SmartVault to discuss the challenges experienced by accounting firms and how this integration addresses pain points experienced by both internal staff and clients.

Here’s the challenge that Liscio and SmartVault have identified:

Accountants and bookkeepers today spend up to 40% of their time searching for and gathering client documents.

That’s nearly half their time spent just on document retrieval and maintenance! What better way to address this challenge than to collaborate? It was time for software providers to work together to help firms succeed.

Here’s how they stepped up to the challenge:

Liscio’s secure mobile platform for the exchange of sensitive client information coupled with SmartVault’s central document destination results in convenience and simplicity for all. This combination facilitates speed for both clients and staff – clients respond quickly and then staff can do their work! All the while, firms are able to implement robust standardization and organization of their permanent files.

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Request and receive client documents from the Liscio app.
  2. Determine which client documents you need to route and file away for back office processing and permanent storage.
  3. Select desired documents from Liscio and download directly into the corresponding client folder via SmartVault’s mapped drive.

To put your mind at ease, Liscio and SmartVault’s integration has incorporated powerful security features and cyber-encryption. You can assign various levels of access and be sure that your data is secure.


You can leverage this integration by moving client documents from Liscio into your permanent storage in SmartVault…


You can also retrieve documents from SmartVault and securely send them to your client with Liscio…


We can’t wait to learn more about how these new software developments and integrations will help streamline your accounting firm’s processes!


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