Recur360 Offers Enterprise Invoice and Payment Automations for QuickBooks

Oct 15, 2021 | News

Implementing billing process automation within your firm provides numerous benefits including time (and cost) savings, cash flow optimization, and increased efficiency. If you’re still manually generating invoices and following up with clients when payments are past due, then Recur360 may be a great option for you and your firm.

During this week’s episode, we were joined by Andrew Abrams, CEO and Founder of Recur360. Andrew takes us on a Deep Dive of the Recur360 platform and introduces us to some of the latest features. Our Deep Dive episodes are always super informative and provide so much value to our audience and this Recur360 Deep Dive demo is no different.

Recur360 offers tremendous automation solutions for businesses. Their platform enhances, simplifies and automates the process of setting up recurring or one-time invoices, processing payments via credit card or ACH, calculating Sales Tax, emailing customers AND posting transactions into QuickBooks. That’s ALOT of automation! If you’re a QuickBooks user, their integration makes your workflow nearly effortless. Here’s how it works:

Another fantastic feature of Recur360 is the ability to schedule collections emails. No more chasing payments with manually generated one-off emails. You can create a custom message and then schedule out when you’d like those collections emails to be sent – on a specific date, set it to the # of days before or after the due date, or schedule it to go out every certain # of days. If the invoice is paid in full or removed, all future scheduled emails will cease. This gives you peace of mind knowing your accounts receivables are being handled and nothing falls through the cracks.

Recur360 provides SO MANY awesome capabilities to streamline and automate your workflow. Watch this DEEP DIVE episode to learn more!


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