The Power of Community

Dec 1, 2021 | News

This week we explore the power of community and how strong, dynamic partnerships can help to improve the small to mid-sized market. To create better solutions for firms and clients, ADP has fostered a collaborative environment with apps like Biz Equity, Botkeeper, Jirav, and Rootworks. We sat down with the star-studded group of individuals who represent these apps to discover the value of their strategic partnership with ADP. Our guests included…


ADP offers industry-leading online payroll and HR solutions, plus tax, compliance, benefit administration and more.






Biz Equity is a real-time comprehensive business valuation platform that leverages KPIS to maximize business operations. Business valuation services can help your clients to fuel growth and better plan for the future. 25% discount available through Accountant Connect






Botkeeper incorporates machine learning and highly skilled accountants to deliver a comprehensive and automated bookkeeping solution. Users can solve their firm’s capacity problems and spend more time with their clients. 25% discount available through Accountant Connect




Jirav allows accountants to provide FP&A, financial reporting, forecasting and business planning services. Expanding your advisory services can help your clients build, measure and deliver on financial strategies. 25% discount available through Accountant Connect





Rootworks provides tools, resources, training webinars and a peer community so that accountants can build a profitable payroll practice. 40% discount available through Accountant Connect





During this episode, we discuss how ADP has been championing and creating solutions with accountants in mind. One such endeavor has been their cloud-based portal, Accountant Connect, which provides super-fast access to client data, analytics, and practice resources so you can add value to your client engagements. If you haven’t explored Accountant Connect, check it out! Here are some recent Accountant Connect updates…

Strategic partnerships are so beneficial, especially in our industry. They can help to boost your own brand while simultaneously adding value to your services. It also facilitates collaboration that in turn allows for each partner to scale together purposefully. What’s great about ADP’s strategic partnerships is that not only do they help accountants get the best pricing for top industry applications and services, but each app brings something unique that creates better solutions for the accounting community. I think our audience would agree that it’s nice to have various tools at our fingertips so we can change and pivot as necessary to meet our clients’ needs.

Check out this episode to learn more about how you can leverage these partnerships for the benefit of your firm and clients!


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